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GEL is a material, in the form of pads, installed upon order as a last layer on the seat foam, in order to achieve better weight distribution for the rider. The longer you are riding, the GEL pads efficiency is increasing and it is absorbing vibrations better. It is important to mention that, although we suggest the use of GEL for riders who wish to cover as many kilometers as possible making fewer stops, the GEL by itself is not enough in all cases- if the seat doesn’t have the necessary surface and the right shape, the gel pad won’t reach its full performance potential. Therefore, we recommend it combined with an anatomically designed seat for the best feasible results. GEL pads may be installed for the rider, for the pillion passenger or both.

Adventure GEL

This GEL is harder than all other available, it is 10mm thick and recommended for “hard” off- road and longer rides, during which the rider is exposed to more vibrations. Adventure GEL needs more time to warm up and “work” ( approximately 30 minutes) and is mostly suggested for heavier riders.

Soft Blue GEL

Soft Blue GEL is of medium density, it is 15mm thick, it is most commonly used, for all distances (short or long) and for all body types. It “works” almost directly, after roughly 10 minutes. Due to its hardness, comparing to Soft Orange GEL, we could say that it is more steady for abrupt changes of direction, therefore suitable for “sporty” driving on winding roads.

Soft Orange GEL

Soft Orange GEL is slightly softer than Soft Blue GEL, it is 13mm thick, and is therefore used for all types of routes and all body types. It “works” almost instantly, and as it is slightly softer than Blue Soft GEL, it is mostly suggested for smooth, touring driving.

Super Soft GEL

Super Soft GEL is of soft density, it is 19mm thick, and is the right choice for the riders who intend to cover shorter distances, as it “works” instantly. Due to its softness, it is mostly recommended for lightweight riders.

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