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  • You may wash the seat with a soft sponge using water and gentle soap. Avoid using chemicals and other common detergents that may damage the texture of the seat cover.
  • Do not wash the seat with high pressure water.
  • Use a toothbrush and gentle soap in order to remove stubborn dirt. Insist by making circular moves at the point.


  • Genuine leather requires regular care only with special detergents and artificial seal fat to avoid dryness and to preserve its authentic look. 
  • Genuine leather should not be exposed to rain as it is not 100% waterproof. Long term sunlight exposure is to be avoided.
  • Please note that Genuine Leather Nubuck (Suede texture) and Alcantara texture should not be washed, but should be wiped (dry cleaned) using a dry cloth.


In order to achieve longer lifetime for the motorcycle seat cover and to keep the stitching colors bright for longer, we recommend that you protect it with a waterproof seat cover. Especially when the motorcycle is going to be exposed for a longer period to weather conditions, such as sunlight, frost, rain etc. ; the same applies when it is going to be washed at a car washer where exposed to chemicals.
An additional protection that the waterproof seat cover offers is from the scratching of cats wanting to sharpen their nails and finding your seat ideal for this use.

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