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How long is the delivery time for my order?

The delivery time depends on the product you ordered.

  • For the orders of accessories (of which we have stock), the delivery time is 1-2 business days from the day of order.
  • For seat covers (which are custom made), the delivery time is estimated by adding the shipping time (normally 1-2 business days) plus the preparation time mentioned in the presentation of each product. This will be the maximum time needed, but you may of course deliver earlier.

How can I install the seat cover I have purchased?

In order to install the seat cover you have ordered, you will need some simple but basic tools, a little bit of your free time and some patience.

If you don’t have the above, please contact a local automotive upholsterer, who certainly possess them and will install the cover for you charging a small fee.

In case you decide to install it yourself check out our installation guide

How can I order a comfort seat, do you send a new complete seat or do I have to send mine?

It depends on the motorcycle model you have.

Since we are producing the foam and the seat cover (but not the base of the seat) in most cases you must send us your seat after communicating, so the seat can be made according to your needs.

For some models there is an option for a complete seat (base included), but please contact us for advice.

For some other, more commercial models, we can send a kit, including foam and seat cover ready to be installed.

Please contact us for more information.

When and how can I send my seat to you?

You may send your seat to us by one of the following shipping methods, after our communication on the work that will be done, and most importantly, after your order is scheduled by appointment.

You may ship by any courier company you wish and pay for the shipping charge, or you may contact us to get informed about the charge of the courier company we cooperate with.

Other, and less expensive methods are: by transport agencies, KTEL bus (wherever available) and by regular post.

Please contact us for more information

What do I need to do in order to maintain my seat cover in good condition?

You should clean the cover according to our care instructions, and it advisable that you don’t use any chemical detergents and other products, that may harm the composition of the material and make its surface sleek (losing its anti-slip qualities).

Even though the materials used to produce seat covers are especially durable, we suggest the use of a waterproof cover for the seat, in some cases. By doing so, you will protect the cover from exposure to hard outdoor conditions, such as persistent sunlight, rain, snow or frost, contact with sharp objects (such as cat nails), as well as when washing it at a motorcycle wash station.

Do you undertake special (custom made) orders?

Yes, we do. Apart from the suggestions per model, which are already offered on our e-shop to see and to order directly, we can prepare any other seat cover design you wish, as far as it is technically feasible.

We may simply change material colors and textures for the custom option, or even design something totally new and unique for you, in cooperation with the design department for custom orders.

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