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Vinyls are the materials we mainly recommend for motorcycle seats as they are made to resist all the tough conditions most seats are exposed to. These conditions include rain, high and very low temperatures due to sunlight exposure and snow. In the meanwhile these materials got properties which can be adjusted to each customer’s preferences. Vinyls are separated in categories such as anti- slip, classic or leather look texture, carbon look texture etc. and are used to match the rider’s needs and the motorcycle’s style.

Anti-Slip Texture

Used as a basic material for the upper part on most of the seats. It provides better grip for driver and passenger, to avoid slipping when braking abruptly but also when accelerating fast. These materials suit most motorcycle styles except the classic ones. If you are interested in black colored material in this category, we highly recommend V1 as of best quality.

Anti-Slip Texture
Carbon Look
Classic Texture
Matte Steel Brushed Texture
Vintage Texture
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